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   Mill Machinery's Magnum Servo Controlled Saw Carriage   

Mill Machinery LLC - Customer Driven Provider of New and Used Machinery to the Forest Products Industry

Mill Machinery's Magnum Flying Saw Carriage Is the First Fully Servo Controlled Saw Carriage installed in a US Plywood Mill.  Working with our Partner Panel Machinery and Controls the Magnum Saw improves cut accuracy, runs faster and smoother than hydraulically driven systems, and operates on less than 3 kW (Hydraulic uses over 75 kW plus cooling fans).  The Magnum Flying Saw features:

  • Electric Servo Motor for Saw Cross Travel replacing Hydraulic drive
  • Two Electric E-Drive Actuators to move the Saw Carriage
  • Allen Bradley MPL Servo Motors
  • Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives
  • Control Logix PLC

Mill Machinery's Magnum Line of New Custom Machinery Includes:

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Flying saw systems for layup lines
  • Hot press direct loaders, charger systems and unloaders
  • Bundle turners
  • Panel feeders and stackers
  • Press Platens

New additions to our Mill Machinery's inventory of Pre-Owned Machinery

  • Jeffrey WB54 Hog
  • Reform Knife Grinder
  • BM&M Screen
  • Cummins Diesel Generator
  • RF panel scarf system

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